Our Grand Canyon to Become Water Park

 | Wed 13 Jul 2016 08:47 ICT

CityNews – The ‘Grand Canyon’ of Chiang Mai in Nam Phrae Sub District has, for many years, been a somewhat well kept secret amongst many residents who go to the man-made quarry to swim and jump off the cliffs. It is reported that the piece of land was carved of its land in order to be used to extend the airport runway many years ago, leaving this canyonesque formation popular with swimmers. Initially popular with international school kids who would often be seen playing truant on a weekday or having a casual picnic on a weekend, the last few years has seen more and more visitors to its tempting cliffs, from which many have jumped.


Sadly there have been a handful of deaths due to drunk swimmers or weak swimmers, and the area is considered dangerous for those without strong swimming skills.

In the next few months, however, the Grand Canyon is to be transformed into a waterpark. A Bangkok investor has bought the land where a coffee shop is now open and will soon place numerous waterpark features into the area. Right now medical support, health and safety measures, water hygiene management are being put into place and once standards set, the park will open.

Here are some pictures of Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon then…and soon.