Grab Taxi Arrives in Town

 | Mon 14 Dec 2015 10:26 ICT

CityNews – Taxi Vhiang Ping Cooperative Limited, a very new cooperative managed by Grit Sripaurya, owner of Jed Yod Brothers, has officially introduced its new luxury meter taxis to be a new option for passengers in Chiang Mai.

In Citylife’s November Issue, we talked about the taxi and transport woes of our city, whereby the vast majority of taxis in Chiang Mai are from Nakorn Lanna Cooperative, accused by many for being a monopoly. Grit also mentioned in the article that he would launch a new cooperative with a new app based service, GrabTaxi.


Taxi Vhiang Ping Cooperative Limited recently received a quota of 50 taxis to operate in our city; however, it now has only 24 taxis, which have provided transport services now for the past three days.

Taxi Vhiang Ping says that they can ensure comfortable taxis, safe services, and fair prices, which will be charged based on the meter.

Grit told CityNews that the first three hours after the services were officially available, 300 people called the app based service for taxi service.

Taxi Vhiang Ping is available on the popular application, GrabTaxi, where passengers can call the taxi services 24 hours a day. Passengers can also book the services ahead up to 7 days via the app. The app will charge only 50 baht.

Grit added that the GrabTaxi app is popularly used in 7 countries across the world, including Thailand. In Bangkok, 15 phone calls are made per second.

Taxi Vhiang Ping’s drivers are well-trained, according to the standard of the cooperative and Grab Taxi.

Grit also believes that his taxis can each service a minimum of 30 rides per day. The taxi services have so far been mostly booked from 3pm to midnight.

To support a policy preventing drunk driving, the cooperative’s taxis will be parked in pub and bar areas in the city to pick up drunk passengers.

If passengers have any complaints about the services, they can PM to Taxi Vhiang Ping Cooperative Limited page here, or call 053 222 200.

Drivers will be examined within 48 hours.

If finding any problems on the GrabTaxi application, passengers can make a complaint via their smart phone.