Grab Bike driver spent four nights in a row rescuing a kitten from superhighway

 | Tue 10 Sep 2019 15:47 ICT

CityNews – A Grab Bike driver is hailed for rescuing a kitten from the superhighway.

A story of a Grab Bike driver who rescued a kitten from near the Chiang Mai Juvenile and Family Court has gone viral on social media. Patawee Normai, 33, was on his way to deliver food on the night of September 4th when he spotted a ‘white object’ while passing through the under pass. He made a stop and found a kitten hiding in the drain. He failed to call the kitten out from the spot, drove to nearby shop, bought some food, and placed it there for the kitten.

On the next night, he noticed that the food had been eaten but the kitten still refused to came out from the spot, so he left some more food. He posted his discovery to a Facebook page for cat lovers but did not receive much of a response from the audience. On the third night, September 6th, he found out there were people leaving food for the kitten too. He was soon fearful that the kitten might get used to getting food out in the open, and would be hit by a car. So, on the following day, he came with a rat trap and a mackerel, to lure the kitten from the spot. He eventually succeeded and the kitten was taken back to his place.

Patawee told reporters that he named the kitten Pla Tu after the mackerel that was used to trap the kitten. His apartment does not allow any pets but he has found an adopter in Bangkok. He stated that he will get the kitten’s health checked up before handing it over.