Grab bike driver admits to hurling rock at car

 | Thu 30 Jan 2020 16:18 ICT

CityNews – 29th January 2020, Facebook user Aomamm Rawisada, who posted a plea on her wall earlier this month asking the Grab motorbike driver who threw a stone at her rear windshield to come forward.

According to Aomamm Rawisada, the incident occurred at 5pm on the 12th January 2020. She claimed to have been the passenger in her car driven by her boyfriend along the Iron Bridge when they were cut off by the motorbike. Her boyfriend pulled up to him and asked what he was in a rush for, according to the post. It wasn’t until later when they were driving down another road that they heard a crash and saw that their rear windshield had been smashed. CCTV footage caught the Grab bike driver in the act of throwing a rock at the car.

However, on the 14th January, Sua Sommut, 26, the Grab motorbike driver, gave an interview to the media claiming that it was not him in the clip, saying that he was in the process of compiling evidence to fight the case in court.

That lead to a social media storm with hundreds of posters taking sides and getting fairly heated over the incident.

However, today the three people involved met at the police station where Sua changed his statement and admitted to being the thrower of the rock. Sua apologised for his actions and offered a basket to the victims. He has also agreed to pay the 8,000 baht in damage. The victims have accepted the apology and compensation.

Sua said that he did lose his temper, but claimed that it was because the couple had spoken to him badly.  He said that he had initially denied the incident because he feared social media backlash. But since he was permanently fired by Grab following the incident, he felt that he wanted to be a warning to other drivers to keep calm and have more compassion and kindness on the road.

The victims also say that they have nothing further to say as they now feel bad for Sua and wish the incident to be over.