Governor orders investigation after woman filmed in provincial hall toilet

 | Mon 14 Feb 2022 14:35 ICT

A staff working at the Chiang Mai Provincial Hall posted on Facebook this weekend about a female colleague who had, allegedly, seen a phone filming her above her stall divider in the woman’s toilet of the government offices.

The matter reached the governor’s ears, and he immediately ordered a thorough investigation. Unfortunately the CCTV cameras weren’t working. It has since been revedaled that the fifth floor, where the incident happened, had no CCTV cameras at all, with only the ground floor’s cameras working. Staff are demanding that security is upgraded, with posts across social media exclaiming, “Our government office isn’t safe anymore

According to some media posts, various offices in the Provincial Hall have been handing the matter back and forth, with no one taking charge.

Many women have come out on social media to accuse male colleagues of not taking the matter seriously, as there have been many comments about sharing the images and inappropriate jokes, claim many social media comments.

The 25 year old woman who saw the iPhone filming her above her stall said that she had watched enough news to always check her stall thoroughly, and that is why she caught sight of the camera before she revealed anything.