Good Samaritan Gets Robbed

 | Fri 25 Nov 2016 09:07 ICT

CityNews – November 24th, a 36 year old woman was arrested for theft, having been tracked down through study of CCTV.

On November 18th, 66 year old Alopha Wasianurak reported to the police that he had recently withdrawn 8,000 baht from the ATM at Bangkok Bank, Warorot Market. He was driving home on his motorcycle when he saw a women by the side of the road next to her motorbike. The woman waved him down and asked for his help, saying that her tire was flat and asked him for a lift to a friend who would help her.


After dropping her off he checked his bag and found that she had unzipped his bag and stolen his cash.
Police followed the woman on CCTV camera and managed to arrest her on the 24th of November with only 700 baht remaining of the 8,000 baht she has since confessed to stealing.