Gold Robber Captured

 | Fri 8 Apr 2016 09:57 ICT

CityNews – There is followup to the gold robbery that took place two days ago ( The gold robber was arrested on April 7th on Chotana Road in Mae Rim District while heading back to his home in Wiang Hang District.

This gold robber was Lu Saokam, a 40-year-old Tai Yai man. Police followed him through the CCTV in the Police Eyes project. The robbed necklace could be seen clearly around his neck in the CCTV. He also had a polydactyly on his right hand and the motorcycle was the same as the one he drove away after causing trouble.

Lu confessed that he was unemployed and didn’t have enough money, so he decided to rob the gold shop. He stabbed citizens because he was scared to be captured. Afterwards he planed to go back to his home in Wiang Hang, but unfortunately he was arrested on the way.

Lu said that he had swallowed the necklace. So police tried to get it out by using a medicine, and they sent him to have x-rays at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. However, the results showed that there was no necklace inside him. The evidence was still strong enough for litigation, and the suspect also admitted to everything of which he was accused. Police will later bring he to do re-enact and continue to prosecute.