Girlfriend Stabbed to Death in a Quarrel

 | Tue 30 Apr 2019 13:07 ICT

CityNews – Violent boyfriend stabbed a woman to death in a quarrel.

On April 27th, police responded to a report of a homicide at an apartment in Nong Harn, San Sai District. At the scene, the body of a woman who had been stabbed was found on the bed. She was identified as Vilasini Prommichit, 26. For the last seven or eight months she had been in a relationship with Jakkapong ‘Gimmy’ Puanjairak. The couple reportedly had been having violent fights which forced Vilasina to leave her place and stay with her sister at the apartment where the murder took place. Gimmy reportedly continued to harass her when he knew her whereabout.

According to Karunyu Somai, 26, a friend of the deceased and an eye witness, the couple had reportedly had a fight that had become so aggressive that police were called in. Around 10am that day, Karunyu was with the deceased at the apartment when Gimmy returned to the room. He retreated to the back of the room to give the couple space to talk but afterwards he heard Vilasini’s scream. When he rush in to check her on her, he saw Gimmy stabbing her with a knife. In fear for his own safety, Karunyu fled from the scene and called the police.

In the afternoon of that day, police were able to track down the suspect to his family house in San Pa Tong. He confessed that when they were talking he noticed a text message from a man on Vilasini’s phone. She also refused to get back together with him and so he lost his temper.