Girlfriend Assaulted in Couple’s Quarrel

 | Thu 6 Dec 2018 16:23 ICT

CityNews – A young woman was beaten by her boyfriend in a quarrel.

Punyawat Sukit, 28, was reported to the police by his girlfriend on December 4th for assault. The 24 year old girlfriend who has been in this relationship for eight months stated that the quarrel erupted on night before after she went to hang out at a bar. She stated that when she returned to her residence, Punyawat came to the apartment and vandalised the door to gain access. He was with a group of friends. Punyawat then started to assault her. On the following morning, she reported that Punyawat called to admit his action and ask her not to file a report against his friends. She insists in doing so as they stood idle without trying to stop the assault.