Giant Firecrackers Explode in Student House

 | Thu 6 Aug 2015 04:21 ICT

CityNews – Police were alerted to an explosion in the Sansai area on August 5, when a number of giant firecrackers exploded in a student’s house, injuring one man.

firecracker explosion (1)

When police arrived on the scene, windows, mirrors and ceiling tiles were broken and scattered across the room.

The injured man was later identified as Nampon Sillapapongprai, a Maejo University sophomore. He had cuts to his left hand and his leg was severely wounded. He was rushed to hospital after receiving first aid at the scene.

According to witnesses, Nampon had brought the giant firecrackers, which he planned to use in the freshman welcoming ceremony. Some mistakes were made and the firecrackers subsequently exploded.

The house where the explosion happened had been rented out by six students, including Nampon, only 10 days ago.

Nampon was alone when the explosion occurred.