German man jumps to his death

 | Mon 31 Aug 2020 14:20 ICT

A 23 year old German national was found dead on the night of the 28th August in Chang Puak.

Police say that the man was staying at a hotel in Chang Puak with a Thai girlfriend, both of whom had travelled up to Chiang Mai from Phuket recently.

The man was found dead in an alleyway, believed to have jumped off the fifth floor balcony of the hotel room where he was staying with his girlfriend.

According to the girlfriend, the deceased had been in Thailand as a professional boxer for two years, travelling the country to box in various camps. The two had arrived in Chiang Mai two days prior to his death, she said.

She went on to tell police that they were both in their hotel room on the night of his suicide and were discussing his stress over lack of a job and money. He hadn’t had an opportunity to box or earn a living since the beginning of the pandemic and was crying about his situation. She said that she tried to console him and they were about to rest as they were heading to Phrae the next day.

He walked out onto the balcony and she thought that he was having a cigarette, but went out to check out of concern when he went quiet to find him no longer there.