Geminid meteor shower captured by NARIT

 | Mon 14 Dec 2020 14:55 ICT

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Narit) has said that Geminid meteor shower was viewed at Huai Lan Reservoir in San Kamphaeng on the night of December 13th December 2020, recorded from 9pm to 2.30pm. The Geminid meteor shower featured the highest average falling rate of about 150 bright meteors per hour. Fireball and Bolide are visible in a long line across the sky.

The Geminids meteor shower occurs when the Earth intersects with the streams of rocks and dust of the asteroid 3200 Phaethon which is left as it passes through the inner solar system. When the earth went through that path, Earth’s gravitational pulls dust and rocks to burn in the atmosphere which causes the flashes of light or a large fireball. The annual Geminid meteor shower can be observed during the 4th – 17th December. The highest falling rate during 13th-14th December, was about 150 meteors per hour.

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