Gang Arrested Accused of Stealing over 50 Motorbikes in Chiang Mai

 | Tue 7 Apr 2015 05:07 ICT

CityNews – Last Saturday, April 4, at the Investigation Division Provincial Police Region 5, police released a statement detailing the arrest of a gang who allegedly stole around 50 motorcycles in Chiang Mai and Lamphun from 2014 to the present day.


There are four suspects (two males and two females). Two of them are 27 years old, and the others are aged 31 and 36. The suspects come from Chiang Mai’s Doi Saket and Sarapee districts, and also Uttaradit province.

Police seized two motorcycles, counterfeit license plates, guns and bullets, cars, and equipment police say is used to steal vehicles.

The suspects already confessed that they had sold stolen motorcycles and sold then on to ‘businesses’ for around 10,000 baht each. The businesses later sent the stolen motorcycles to neighbouring countries where they were sold on again.​