Funeral Held for Principle Who Died After a Buffalo Attack

 | Mon 14 Sep 2015 08:03 ICT

CityNews- On 13th September in Fang District, Chiang Mai, the family and friends of 60-year-old Thongchai Prompant, gathered for his funeral procession.

buffalo kill

Thongchai was principal of Baan Mae Soon Noi School in fang and died from injuries sustained by the horns of a buffalo. The incident happened on the 12th September at the pen where the buffalo was kept. Thongchai was gashed deeply in his stomach and his thigh and didn’t survive the ambulance ride to the hospital due to loss of blood.

Thongchai, who was about to retire at the end of this month, is a beloved teacher and principal who, three years ago, used his own money to purchase a male buffalo from an abattoir in order to save its life.

For the past three years the buffalo has been living in a pen Thongchai built himself and where he went every day to feed it. On the day in question he had gone down to the pen to feed the buffalo as usual but without witnesses no one knows what caused the buffalo to turn violent.