Frost on Doi Inthanon

 | Mon 18 Nov 2019 12:30 ICT

CityNews – 18th November 2019, Chief of Doi Inthanon National Park revealed that this morning, tourists were glad to see rare natural phenomena in our part of the world that happen only when temperature drops really low – hoar frost, a grayish-whit crystalline  deposit of frozen water and frozen dew formed on plants and grass tops in the areas of Kiw Mae Pan and top of Doi Inthanon.

Temperatures on Doi Inthanon also dropped significantly from previous days.  Kiw Mae Pan was a chilly 3 Celsius this morning and the top of Inthanon saw temperatures at 4 Celsius.

Tourists are warned of dangers of walking away from safe areas to take photos.  They might fall from heights in some areas.  Extra fences are to be built to prevent accidents.

Chief of Doi Inthanon National Park said the number of tourists is increasing during this time, at least no fewer than 2,000 per day, especially on holidays and weekends.