Free food delivery directly to the poor

 | Fri 22 May 2020 15:20 ICT

While there have been a noticeable drop in food donation drives over the past week or so, one group is generating a lot of love for their efforts.

A group of youths are working together to make 100-200 sets of food every day to deliver to the needy.

The food is mainly given away to the increasing number of homeless people around the moat as well as some of the poorest in some communities.

While there have not been massive lines around the city of people looking for food, there are still groups of people who really need assistance such as the handicapped, the elderly and the otherwise margianlised.

Panupong Weeratantayaporn said that he and his friends have been doing this for a month now, when they all sat down and calculated how much money they had spare between them to give towards a good cause.

Instead of setting up in one location and having people queue for food, this group takes the food to the people themselves.

Photographs by Vera Weeratantayaporn