Freaky Hang Dong Temple Accused of Selling Human Body Parts as Good Luck Tokens

 | Thu 2 Apr 2015 05:20 ICT

CityNews – Yesterday morning, April 1, police region 5, raided a temple, Wat Pu Ho, in Hang Dong’s Ban Waen sub-district, Chiang Mai. Police had received a tip-off that the temple had sold amulets, believed to be made out of human bones.

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According to the abbot of Wat Pu Ho, all amulets were made of resin, not parts of human bodies. They were made for believers to worship. Some amulets were made from soil that had come from cemeteries.

The police found nothing illegal in the temple, yet they seized amulets to be examined.

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Police Region 5’s have found that many temples have advertised amulets which look like parts of human bodies, which are sold online.

The police have been urged to inspect every temple involved.

If the amulets are found made of human bodies, it is illegal, and the temple(s) will be prosecuted.