Four Bears Rescued from Temple

 | Wed 1 Apr 2015 05:06 ICT

CityNews – You may have heard the sad story about the sun bear, “Kwan”, who died shortly after being rescued from captivity by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) earlier in mid-March. The foundation was conducting a routine check on Wat Nong Hoi, a temple known for keeping wildlife in Prachuapkhiri Khan province.


WFFT discovered six bears in all, and has been working to have them removed from enclosures that are “too small and too dirty” according to their Facebook page. The foundation has been aware of the situation and working to remedy it for years, but just like politicians, many religious leaders are not considered subject to the law.

This last month saw two of the six bears in critical condition, and Kwan and another bear died before WFFT finally received a permit for rescue and rehabilitation of the remaining four bears.

The bears have been moved to a government facility for bears, as WFFT has no more room at their own accommodations. WFFT will continue to provide care and funding for food received from donations.