Former Poy Luang Hotel demolished

 | Mon 18 Nov 2019 10:56 ICT

CityNews –Chiang Mai News online reported that since the morning of 17th November, Sa-nguan Karn Chang’s team has brought a 20 ton backhoe loader to dig the foundation of this former hotel (the northern site of the building was destroyed successfully the day before.)

There are some underground areas to be removed at a later date.

This building was built 40 years ago as Poy Luang Hotel, a luxury hotel at that time, with a revolving restaurant on the top floor, located near Nong Prateep intersection on Chiang Mai – Lampang super highway.  It had suffered a business loss and closed down for many decades until Ram Kham Haeng Hospital Co. Ltd. bought this site from Sukhumvit Asset Management (SAM) at the price of 381.79 million baht to build a hospital.  Demolition will be completed by the end of this year.