Food Panda driver gets beaten up

 | Thu 6 Feb 2020 14:25 ICT

CityNews – 6th February 2020, a clip has gone viral showing a young man punching a Food Panda driver after a driving altercation.

In the clip, the Food Panda driver can be seen on his knees while being berated by a young man who then proceeds to punch him and grab his helmet, even though the Food Panda driver put his hands up in a wai of apology. Bystanders stepped in and ended the altercation.
The incident happened in front of Wat Jet Yod area last night, the 5th February.

Today the Food Panda driver, Noppakao Paitaphichet, 23, along with his elder brother, went to the police station to explain what happened. According to Noppakao, he was driving to collect a food order in the Santitham area when he was driving down the Superhighway. The aggressor then apparently drove out of a soi and cut in front of him, parking his car to block his path. He then accused Noppakao of having cut in front of him, immediately beginning to shout and then hit him.

After bystanders stepped in, the aggressor apparently drove away and Noppakao decided to take matters to the police. Noppakao’s brother said that his younger brother was a quiet man who kept to himself and that this incident has really shaken him. Apparently the brothers have reached out to the aggressor, asking him to apologise and buy a new helmet, after damaging Noppakao’s one, but they have yet to hear back from him.

Police say that they will look into the matter.

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