Food lines growing longer

 | Tue 21 Apr 2020 16:46 ICT

CityNews – 21st April 2020, queues of people lining up for necessaries and food are becoming increasingly long around town, as more and more people feel the economic tightening of a frozen economy.

Mali Wongsuwan is one such recipient of Chiang Mai public’s largess and said to CityNews, “I used to be market vendor, but when COVID hit, and after the markets were shut down, I no longer have a living. I went to register for economic relief as promised by the government but still haven’t received any money at all. I just don’t know where I am supposed to find money to pay for food? So all I can do now is spend my days waiting in hot queues just to survive from one day to the next. I can’t afford to be ill as I need to stand in this line to make sure that I can eat.”

The authorities have recently come out to try to manage to the proliferation of food and goods donations stations, after reports of lack of social distancing. They have asked the public to instead donate goods to them and allow them to do the distribution. However, not everyone is comfortable with this edict, preferring to do the distribution themselves.

The new order is that no one may distribute food to more than 100 people per day. The lines have to also be socially distant and all people wear masks. Hand sanitisers must also be provided by those handing out the goods.

Authorities do admit, however, that they do not have enough personnel to cover all distribution points, so ask the public to please follow the COVID procedures.