Floods in Galyani Vadhana Destroy Farms and Omkoi Flood Defenses at Breaking Point

 | Tue 1 Aug 2017 09:39 ICT

CityNews – The tropical depression Sonca has affected Galyani Vadhana district the most over the last few days, resulting in a flash flood and mudslides that have devastated farmlands and homes in the area.

It has been reported that since July 30, many areas in the district have faced continuous rain from the Sonca tropical storm. The sub-district of Mae Dad faced flash flooding that destroyed rice fields and other plantations, with the flood water further destroying a bridge in Sob Mae Dad Luang village.

Omkoi has also reported that the water levels along the dirt barrage of Yang Piang village have reached the maximum limit and will flood if the rain doesn’t lighten up.

Sakon Nakhon province is suffering the worst flooding in Northeastern Thailand for almost 20 years. Many citizens have been forced to leave their homes, leaving belongings and veichles to be destroyed by flood water. The governor of the province has announced that Nakhon Chiang Mai Municipal Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has opened a donation office to support the casualties. The OPM Disaster Relief Fund is also active for financial support via bank account 067-0-06895-0.