Floods continue in Sansai

 | Fri 7 Aug 2020 17:53 ICT

While the rains have, if not ceased, then lessened across the north, Sansai’s Nong Jom area is still very much under water.

For the sixth day now water levels which at their height were at 50cms have kept residents battling to keep their homes and businesses dry.

There has been fears of electrocution, with so many outlets and wires exposed and many residents are staying put at home, pumping water out of their villages into a nearby canal.

While water levels are dropping, Buakao Dechapathumwan, a villager from Nong Jom told CityNews that she is still placing sand bags around her home as she fears the rains may return in a few days. She went on to say that this was the worst flood she had encountered in over ten years.

Kanung Akebang, head of relief services in Nong Jom sub district, said that around 500 homes have been affected, but that things are beginning to get back to normal for most areas, though some are still flooded.