Flash floods warning for next week

 | Thu 17 Sep 2020 17:05 ICT

The irrigation department has announced a warning for all of the fishermen who have caged fish along the banks of the Ping to be on the watch out for some heavy weather which could lead to flash floods over the coming days.

The fishermen have been urged to secure their cages and make sure that no damage is done to their cages, by swift moving logs and debris.

Monsoon storm Noul is expected to make landfall in the north of Thailand between the 18th-20th September. The Meteorological Department warns of heavy rains and strong winds across the north and suspect that there will be many flash floods.

CityNews visited Hang Dong’s Khun Khong sub-district where 200 such fishermen have caged fish in the Ping River, and have noticed that work is being done to secure their cages with heavy ropes and wires.