Flash Floods in San Pa Tong

 | Wed 25 Oct 2017 09:35 ICT
CityNews – More flash floods have hit San Pa Tong today, adding to the number of destructive flash floods to hit Chiang Mai this week.
The Commander of County Militia headquarters at 33 camp Kawila went to visit Nam Bo Luang, San Pa Tong, on October 25th where strong flood water had destroyed a bridge the crosses between Ban Huy Thong and Ban San Pu Loei. Villagers have been warned that the flood waters could rise before they fall and have advised that everyone move to higher ground for the duration.
Over 120 homes were damaged from the flood water in Ban Klan. This district suffers flooding almost every year due to its location on the flood basin. This year over 275 homes have been damaged or destroyed by flood water. The local authority appealed for a water reservoir to help contain the flood water that often passes their villages but was prevented due to an unspecified NGO interjection.
The water level of the Ping River is currently at 2.7m and is increasing, but has not yet reached the critical level which is set at 3.7m.