Flash Floods Hit Samoeng, Mae Rim and Fang

 | Wed 25 Oct 2017 03:14 ICT
CityNews – Flash floods hit Samoeng, Mae Rim and Fang yesterday in more late-rainy season floods that have destroyed homes and farms in the local area.
Chiang Mai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office received a report at 7.40am on October 24th that a flash flood had caused mud slides and swamped homes in Samoeng Tai, Samoeng.
At the same time, flash floods also came from the Jai and Nao rivers in Wiang Fang, Fang, damaging many homes, businesses and farms.
The Ob Khan National Park and villages around Doi Inthanon were also affected by flash floods.
Flooding also hit Mae Rim, with overflow water in Mae Sa, Mae Ram and Mae Rim, catching many villagers unaware who were injured or stranded in the flood waters.
There has been no reports of death or serious injuries caused by the flash floods, and by the afternoon of the same day, October 24, most of the flood water had subsided. Local authorities are now helping stranded villagers by providing temporary shelter, food and water. A 24 hour emergency review of the area is in place.