Fish importer uses refrigerated van for new home delivery business

 | Wed 6 May 2020 19:35 ICT

Over the past couple of months, more and more people have relied on home delivery of food and essentials such as produce. While those who can afford the delivery services of supermarkets such as Rimping or Tesco, there are many people who traditionally rely on daily or frequent trips to the market for their produce.

A new Facebook page popped up in early April to offer to deliver goods from various markets around the city directly to people’s homes. Delivering meats, vegetables, fruits and other items from various Chiang Mai markets, all at market prices, and with the delivery cost of only 50 baht.

What makes this particular business stand out is its use of a refrigerated van, guaranteeing the arrival of produce fresh. Each day the van goes along another route and all information is provided very clearly on their Facebook page such as Monday Mae Rim, Tuesday Sankampaeng, Wednesday Doi Saket, Thursday Saraphi, Friday Hang Dong, Saturday Muang and Sunday Sansai. Customers need to order one day in advance by LINE where details of produce are shared.

The owner of this burgeoning new business is 36 year old Taentat Tatthoma from Sansai. He told CityNews that he is a farmer who also imports carps from Japan. Like so many others, all of his business came to a grinding halt at the beginning of the pandemic leading him to rethink his entire business and utalise his asset – the van – to continue to earn a living.

Taentat says that he simply asks his customers to add his LINE ID, @ttmk and then tell him what they wish to order. Today he has around 20 regular customers, which isn’t much, but he says that they are beginning to spread the word around and he is getting more and more orders each day.

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