Fed Up Resident Repairs Damaged Road

 | Tue 11 Aug 2015 04:06 ICT

CityNews — On August 7th, after suffering an accident which caused minor injuries and damage to his motorbike, a local man decided to buy his own materials to fill in a pot hole that has been causing accidents on a heavily used road in the Sarapee area.

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49-year-old Nimit Potha had apparently had enough of the pot hole, and after his accident he decided to take matters into his own hands. Nimit was riding at a slow speed when his motorcycle fell into the hole. If he was riding any faster, he could have been seriously hurt, Nimit said.

Another local man, Sri-ut Hinyaeng, 58, says that the pothole has been causing problems for over six months, and lots of accidents had occurred because of it. Local authorities had already been informed of the need for repair, but no progress has been made. Authorities told Sri-up that they had proposed a budget for the road repair.

Nimit does not want to see any more accidents caused by the damaged road, so he decided to buy asphalt and repair it himself. He could not finish the job completely however, because the hole was too large and he ran out of material.

Nimit urged authorities to repair the road immediately. It is a very inexpensive repair, and compared to the injuries it has caused residents and damage to their property, it is unacceptable that a budget approval is preventing the repair.