Fatal Accident at Khuang Singh Tunnel After Rainfall

 | Fri 9 Mar 2018 06:01 ICT

CityNews – Wet roads near Khuang Singh Tunnel lead to an accident involving four vehicles, leaving one dead and four people injured.

At roughly 1.30am on March 9, police and rescue teams responded to reports of a collision involving multiple vehicles near the Khuang Singh Tunnel. One motorcycle driver was reported dead at the scene, and four others were rushed to hospital with injuries.

According to a witness, the roads were wet after a small downpour of rain and a motorcycle crashed into a parked pick up truck owned by the Highway District who had parked on the roadside to check the tunnel’s water pumps.

The motorcycle that crashed into the pickup was owned by the 19 year old man from Chiang Dao who died at the scene. The crashed motorbike was then hit by another motorbike, followed by another pickup truck.

Police are checking CCTV to determine if anyone was responsible for the crash before pursuing further prosecution.