Farmers Express Concern About Government Land Disputes

 | Wed 20 May 2015 10:34 ICT

CityNews – Around 100 members of the Northern Farmers Federation gathered outside Chiang Mai City Hall to submit a document to General Prayut Chan-o-cha expressing concern at newly proposed land laws.

land dispute

The group, led by Direk Kongngern, expressed concern about how the bill of lands, natural resources, and community management and the community forest bill aimed at maintaining the government’s land could cause problems and disputed between residents and government institutes.

They also said that the land that the government claims ownership to is not clear, and they worry that certain areas will overlap, causing displacement of people and farms if the government declare ownership.

Praise for the government’s ability to constantly solve land issues around the country was not left unheard, and through this success, the Northern Farmers Federation believe the government will listen to their points and help people continue to have fair access to their land in the future.

A lack of land available to the poor was also raised as an issue to be fixed by the government.

The Northern Farmers Federation suggested guidelines to solve the problems by using community rights to solve any disputes, ensuring the lands and natural resources are not exploited.

Co-ownership was suggested as a way to reduce land dispute issues and prevent forest trespassing.

A meeting to consider new laws from the National Reform Council will be held from May 27 to 28, and will aim to solve the important problems of the country.
The Chiang Mai governor received the document on behalf of the prime minister.