Family outraged they were not informed of woman’s death for nearly a month

 | Thu 28 Oct 2021 13:26 ICT

A family in Padad have complained to the media about the Maeping Police Station, claiming that they were derelict in their duty by not informing the family that a woman had died nearly a month ago.

‘Nong Jane’, 24, last contacted a friend on the 2nd October, said Nong Jane’s aunt who raised her. She has not been heard of since the 2nd, but as she was living on her own and not in touch all the time, it took a few weeks for the family to become concerned.

According to the aunt, the family finally tracked Nong Jane to a city morgue on the 26th October when they discovered she had died from a motorbike accident on the 3rd of October.

The aunt told CityNews that the police claim that they could not find the family. However, when the aunt found her body and belongings there was a copy of an official document with Nong Jane’s full name and address on it as well as her wallet and two mobile phones.

Police say that they will investigate the matter.