Fake Money in Chom Thong

 | Tue 28 Jun 2016 07:21 ICT

CityNews – Many in a Chomtong village were affected by counterfeit money of an unknown origin.

On 27 June, the police started the investigation by filing a lawsuit with the witness, Pimpa Pengkhan, identified as 40-year-old employee at a Chomtong gas station. She received the counterfeit money from Chunni Cham, a 21-year-old Cambodian who later confessed that he got the banknote from a shop on Wat Nong Ap Chang.


When the owner of the shop, Suriya Jongjang was interviewed, she had told the police she had received the banknote from one of her unidentified customers.

With a long chain of victims, the investigation remains unsolved.