Exhausted Burmese python rescued from Warorot Market

 | Tue 12 Oct 2021 14:45 ICT

A rescue service was called to Warorot Market earlier today after a two metre Burmese python was found wrapped around an electricity line in front of Joy Boutique, a shop in the market.

The python was wrapped around the line very high up above the road and passersby feared that it may be exhausted and fall to its death.

Rescue workers took five minutes to untangle the python and capture it.

The python reportedly fell off a balcony nearby a few weeks ago but was not seen again. Locals suspect that it is hungry as there are too many people around and it can not feed properly. Rescue workers will release it into the wild.

The electricity pole number was 12/15/18, and local lottery sellers report that all of these numbers and similar ones have been bought up today.