Ex security guard turned burglar arrested

 | Fri 17 Jul 2020 21:18 ICT

Police arrested a 44 year old man, originally from Nakorn Prathom province, for burglary.

According to the police, a report was filed on the 13th July of a burglary at Suphalai Premo housing estate.

After looking at CCTV footage, a man was see, riding a motorbike with no license plate which he parked in a soi to the back of the house. He then circled the house before returning to the back before climbing the fence and breaking in.

CCTV footage traced the motorbike and rider back to Moon Muang Soi 6, where police say the man lived. They followed him to Tha Pae Gate where they arrested him.

Upon questioning, the man admitted to the theft and said that he had hidden all the stolen goods in his dorm room where police found all items stolen along with 17 yaba pills.

The suspect also told police that he used to work as a security guard at that moo baan and knew the escape routes well. He was intending to purchase drugs and gamble with the money raised from selling the stolen items online.

Police say that they discovered other stolen items in his room and urge the public to come forward if they have been robbed recently.