Ex red shirt leader caught stealing from temple

 | Mon 10 Aug 2020 20:38 ICT

On 8th August, Apichart Inson, known as DJ Auan, 34, was arrested for theft.

DJ Ouan became almost a household name here in Chiang Mai, and even nationally as a vocal leader of the red shirts movement earlier this decade. He was caught on CCTV camera stealing from a donation box in Wat Jed Yod at 2.40am on the 29th July.

DJ Auan was caught sticking a wire into the donation box with what is believed to be glue, slowly pulling out bank notes. He has confessed to the crime and also told police that he had been a monk at this very temple many years ago. He told police that he had lost his job and simply had no money to live on. The monks at the temple say that they suspected that he had done this many times before.

Here is an article and a news report from 2014 which references DJ Auan and his role as a leader of the red shirt’s United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship.