Enduro Held on Dried Up River Bed to Raise Awareness of Drought

 | Mon 21 Mar 2016 08:12 ICT

CityNews – Chom Tong hosted an Enduro in a dried part of the Ping River to raise awareness about drought and promote the local community.

chom thong enduro

Chom Thong sub-district decided to raise awareness of this years drought in a novel way this year by hosting the Chomthong Charity Enduro to promote the local community and find new donors to help with the drought effort.

The locals used a dried up part of the Ping River to host the event after the Chom Thong Enduro Group asked permission from the headman of Ban Tung Mak Noom.

Tiwa Radeerom, administrator of Mae Rim Waterworks Department who also attended the event, said that the department is using water from both the Ping River and Mae Sa River to provide water to all in the area.

However, as the water levels are incredibly low, the Waterworks Department had to close of of the Water Plans in Mae Rim as it couldn’t collect enough water to distribute to the local area.

Water from other locations is currently being used.

He asked for cooperation from people because the drought is so severe, and encouraged people to save water and check leaks at home to prevent unnecessary water loss.

For more information about water in your area, contact the waterworks on 053 297 253 or 053 297776.

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