Elderly Woman Robbed and Murdered

 | Thu 5 Mar 2015 04:02 ICT

CityNews – Last night, February 24, an elderly woman was found murdered in her home at Phufah Garden Home Village of Chiang Mai’s Padad sub-district.

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The woman, Jinda Phongsantia, 73, was found dead and lying in a pool of blood. Police say she was stabbed in the neck and under the chin. A knife was found next to her.

Jinda’s 31-year-old daughter, Sirinnicha Phongsantia, works in a department store in downtown Chiang Mai. At night, she told police, her mother often sat in front of the house and smoked cigarettes while waiting for her to get home.

She added that her elder sister, who married a foreign man, bought the house for her mother before moving to live in abroad with her husband. Jinda often stayed at home alone.

When she returned home from work, Sirinnicha found her mother dead and her sister’s bedroom, which hadn’t been used for some time, ransacked. Police say that the murderer got away with around 10,000 baht in cash. Sirinnicha didn’t know whether the murderer stole her mother’s gold necklace since no one knows where she kept it.

The police believe the suspect had monitored the house and found out that the elderly woman was alone before he/she killed her, robbed the house, and escaped.

The police also suspect that the murderer was possibly looking for something specific, since important documents in the elder sister’s bedroom were found scattered around. It seems like the suspect intended to ransack only the elder sister’s bedroom since the bedroom that Jinda and Sirinnicha had shared together appeared untouched.

Police intend to study CCTV footage from a camera set up at the entrance of the village to gather more information.

Investigations are ongoing.