Elderly, noodle vendor stabbed to death in robbery

 | Mon 28 Jun 2021 13:04 ICT

A 63 year old noodle vendor in Mae Ai District was rushed to hospital with fatal stab wounds to her back and neck. She was later pronounced dead.

Mae Ai police say that they responded to a call at a roadside noodle stall to find the woman unresponsive and lying in a pool of blood. Customers at the restaurant told police that a young man had stopped by on a Honda Wave motorbike, ostensibly to buy noodles. When the vendor turned her back to him to make the noodles, he stabbed her in the back and neck, pulling the gold chain around her neck off her and drove off.

The woman did not survive her injuries and died in hospital shortly after arrival.

Police say that the noodle shop was right across the road from the village head and there were numerous witnesses to the attack.

Photo credit: “add fang life”