Elderly Man Loses Control of Car

 | Wed 21 Oct 2015 10:28 ICT

CityNews – October 20th, a car crashed into a store selling construction materials in Chang Puak area, causing severe injuries to the driver and minor injuries to others.

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When rescue services arrived at the scene, the driver, 74-year-old Somnuek Saritnet, was found stuck in the car and was severely injured. After he was removed from the car, he received first aid and was sent to hospital right away.

According to his wife, Sujitra, 72, who was in the car with him when the incident happened, as Somnuek was driving, his diseases of the bones and muscles recurred, so he could not move his foot stepping on the accelerator. He lost control of his car, swerving and hitting other cars and motorcycles on the road before crashing into the store, causing damages and injuries.

Meanwhile, other people were reported of having minor injuries.

The investigations continue.

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