Elderly Japanese Expat Found Dead in Car

 | Wed 27 Jun 2018 07:15 ICT

CityNews – A elderly Japanese man was found dead in his car at a massage parlour.

On June 27th, police received a report that a body was found in a car parked at a massage parlour in Chang Klan. The body was found dead, sitting in the driver’s seat. The car was locked with all window closed. The deceased who was later identified as Yoshiaki Aihara, 69, from Japan, is suspected to have passed away at least three days ago.

His relative reported to the police that Yoshiaki Aihara left the house with this car in the morning of June 23rd and has not been back since then. The family member also has filed a missing persons report.

His relative stated that the deceased was a kind person and has been living in Thailand for 40 years. After his Thai wife passed away six years ago he remained living here since then. The relative also claimed that it is unlikely for him to have any enemy.

Police are now gathering evidence before drawing any conclusions.