Elderly Italian Found Dead in Guesthouse

 | Mon 6 Jul 2015 08:55 ICT

CityNews – 4th July 2015, police were alerted to the death of an elderly Italian man aged 80, whose body was found in his guesthouse room. The Italian, Martino Ferrari, was a frequent visitor to this guesthouse and had, in the past, spent up to a year there as a guest. After returning to Thailand after a long absence, he returned to the guesthouse four months ago. Three months ago he discovered that due to his lifestyle of travel, his pension was not being sent to the right account and he halted his payments. The owner of the guesthouse had been lending him money for survival, even though he had not paid his rent.


Unfortunately Martino Ferrari was asthmatic and in the past few months was no longer able to afford his asthma medicine. Police believe that he died because of an asthma attack.