Economic Professor Recommends Raising Taxes on ‘Single’ Individuals

 | Mon 9 Sep 2013 09:06 ICT

CityNews – An economics professor from Rangsit University, Terdsak Chomtosuwan, has suggested that the government start a new “single tax” and a “no children tax” in order to encourage Thais to have more children since it was reported that Thailand had a low fertility rate of 1.6 children per household and currently 10% of the Thai population are senior citizens.

The professor explained that Thailand might be short of labour in the future if the fertility rate stays this low. He said the lack of children was due to the new generation’s attitude of work and play rather than settling down. He also said that couples often chose to just have one child because of the rising cost of food and education. Terdsak added that the government should also have “a first child policy” which would mean reduced taxes for families with more than one child.