Eating Dogs: a Talk on this Taboo Subject at Northern Informal Thai Group

 | Tue 10 Sep 2013 09:14 ICT

CityNew –The talk will be given by a TV and newspaper journalist who as well as having spent 25 years with the The Guardian in London, has spent much of his last few years investigating the dog meat trade.

Photo:  dog meat by peter griffin. Dog meat at the local butcher shop in China

Presenter John Keeble asks:

How has it come about? What is being done about it? Who benefits – who suffers? Where do the dogs come from? What happens to them? What hope for the future?”

The speaker spent more than a year investigating the trade and this is the subject of a TV film being made in London. Video and photo illustrations are being carefully chosen to inform without showing distressing scenes.

John Keeble, a working journalist for half a century, helps with volunteer projects in Thailand. 

The talk will be given September tenth at Alliance Française, adjacent to The Chedi Hotel.

To get a seat or for any more information please contact Secretary: Louis Gabaude : [email protected], 087 188 50 99.