Eastin Tan Hotel Temporarily Closed By Police Over Lack of Hotel Licence

 | Mon 10 Oct 2016 09:24 ICT

CityNews – Police and soldiers raided and have closed the newly built Eastin Tan Hotel Chiang Mai, just next to Think Park on Huay Kaew Road, after it was discovered that the building was built on the premise of being a condominium, not a hotel, and has not got the correct licences.

eastin tan hotel

The building, built by the owner of Ichitan green tea and of Think Park, Tan Passakornnatee, has been operating as a hotel since it was opened earlier this year, despite not yet having a hotel licence. It was also discovered that the building had yet to been registered for tax purposes, such as building tax and business tax.

Tan Passakornnatee told police that he had no intention on running an illegal business and will fix the problem as soon as possible. He must register the building again, as a hotel, and ask for a hotel licence. Only when that has been completed may he open the building as a hotel again. He added that he always runs his businesses with integrity, clarity and he always pays his taxes.