Drunken women create chaos at Nakornping Hospital

 | Wed 5 May 2021 15:09 ICT

A woman is in trouble with the police after causing a drunken incident at Nakornping Hospital yesterday.

A video clip went viral yesterday, posted on TikTok by a woman with the handle @Smile Ploy699. In the video clip the woman herself, wearing black, can be seen drunkenly shouting and screaming in the accident and emergency area of the hospital surrounded by PPE wearing medical personnel. She had captioned her video with, “I was cut badly by a piece of glass and I understand that doctors are tired because of the Covid situation, and I begged them to help me with my wound but they refused treatment.”

The clip was widely shared, and soon rebutted by a public health official stationed at the hospital who was at the scene of the incident. According to the official, the woman had called 1669 and asked for an ambulance. Because of the latest wave of the virus, it is now routine for phone operators to ask the background of the patient to determine risk. They soon learned that the woman had been drinking in her room with five friends who were all supposed to be under quarantine as they had been exposed to four people who had tested positive recently. Having broken quarantine the group had gathered for a party and a drunken fight ensued during which one woman was cut by broken glass.

The phone operator attempted to explain to the woman that it would take a little time to prepare an ambulance with all the protective gear and measures needed to transport them as well as explained to the woman what she must do to prepare for the pickup.

Unfortunately the woman refused to wait and soon she and her five friends arrived by motorbikes at the hospital, maskless.

On arrival, she was told that she must wear a mask in order to receive treatment and that was when she and her friends began to fight and shout at one another, causing the hospital to call the police. The women refused to quieten down and were told that they would not receive treatment until they did and put on a mask. The women had left by the time police arrived.

The police say that they are investigating this incident. The public health official told reporters that many doctors felt very defeated by such behaviour and urged the public to respect the extraordinary times we are in.