Drunk American Tourists Charged for Vandalism 

 | Tue 30 Apr 2019 14:06 ICT

CityNews – Drunk American tourists have been arrested for sabotaging cars.

Around 1.30am of April 30th, two Americans were reported for vandalism while in Chang Klan. A 41 year old woman who reported them stated that she parked a car on the roadside to grab some food from a vendor with her partner. When they returned to the car, the side mirror was damaged and stolen. Two 25 year old Americans were spotted nearby who appeared to have been drinking.

Police also received another report which occurred about 50 metres from the previous one. The case is similar with the side mirrors sabotaged and stolen. Police arrested them nearby and took them to the police station. The two reportedly did not cooperate with the arrest and police had to wait until they sobered up to pursue any prosecution. They were charged with vandalism.