Dolls to Help Child Sexual Assault Victims Communicate

 | Fri 17 Feb 2017 06:40 ICT

CityNews – A group of volunteers have come together for the third year to create anatomically correct dolls to donate to police precincts all over the country to be used to communicate with child victims of sexual assault.

On February 14th, at Central Plaza Airport Chiang Mai, members of a volunteer group came together to sew dolls with anatomically correct body parts, including sexual organs, to donate to the 1000 police precints around the country.

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Child victims of sexual assault are often unable to describe what happened to them as they do not have the vocabulary or are unable to communicate due to trauma. These dolls will be used in all precincts to aid these children in communicating assaults on them.

Prof. Alicha Trironannon from the Faculty of Mass Communications, Chiang Mai University, said that the project was launched to also raise awareness of sexual abuse of children.