Doi Tao water levels dangerously low

 | Tue 25 Feb 2020 12:09 ICT

CityNews – Areas lower downstream of Chiang Mai Province, such as Hod, Doi Lor and Doi Tao Districts, are beginning to suffer for lack of water resources. At this point agriculture is being hardest hit, though there are some reports of some areas already having to ration household water consumption. A series of urgent meetings have been held by authorities and community leaders to find solutions.

Bamrunkiet Vinaipanich, the district chief of Doi Tao said that the natural water resource levels are continuing to drop with some natural reservoirs having dried up completely, leading many villagers to lack even basic amounts of water to wash and clean. Initially authorities are trucking water into these areas to meet demands, but this is not a sustainable solution and one is needed.

Jensak Limpito, director of the project to develop and deliver water of Mae Kuang Dam revealed that water resource management continues to be an annual problem during the hot and dry months. Water is needed for personal household needs, for agricultural purposes as well as to sustain the ecosystem and many other reasons. But as there simply isn’t enough to go around, and as he has not received the full support of other related organisations, it is a challenge to manage.

He pleads with all relevant bodies to work together to ensure that water is evenly shared throughout the province. He said that there is need for extra machines and equipment as well as added training as to how to set up water pumps efficiently by farmers or giving education to farmers as to how to manage reduced water resources.

If all parties work together, he said, then the meagre levels of water can be stretched much more effectively.