Dog Rescued After Falling Down 20 Metre Well in Chonburi

 | Tue 6 May 2014 09:16 ICT

CityNews – At 6 p.m. on Monday, 5 May, a local radio station in Chonburi reported an accident involving a dog that had fallen down a 20 metre well in Ampur Suthip, Chonburi.

The accident occurred in the evening, where a dog managed to fall down a 20 metre well. It was reported that the well had around 3 metres of water at the bottom so despite the dog surviving the fall, it had no ground to stand on thus having to tread water. The dog was a two-year-old brown female mixed breed called Sai, and was discovered after the sound of howling emanated from the well.

Once discovered, the owner of the dog, Mrs. Kotchapon Koktian (45), came to the well and kept the dog encouraged by calling out to it and throwing down a piece of foam for the dog to cling to until help arrived. Once help arrived, an officer dressed in a waterproof suit and a tank of oxygen descended into the tight well. It took around 20 minutes to reach the bottom where the dog was finally lifted to safety. It was said that the dog instantly rushed to its owner and clearly showed its thanks.

Mrs Kotchapon explained that earlier in the day Sai was resting with her in the home when she took off outside chasing something. Once she had been gone a short while they began to hear the cries of Sai and went to investigate.