Do-gooder impresses netizens

 | Tue 8 Oct 2019 14:39 ICT

CityNews – On 7th Oct 2019, the social media world was abuzz following the story of a young man named, “Noom Jarasak” who used the 1,000 baht hand out by the government, under its controversial populist scheme, “Chim Shop Chai” to purchase goods for the poor.

The Chim Shop Chai campaign offers millions of citizens the chance to use a 1,000 baht in value of money accessed only through the government’s application in a scheme that has often been called a waste of money.

The 1,000 baht can also only be used in certain outlets and stalls.

Noom Jarasak became a 15 minute of fame sensation after he posted pictures of himself cashing in his 1,000 baht for goods which he then gave to the poor.

He also posted on his Facebook account, “Someone asked, you condemned PM, why receive this money? Well, if I didn’t register to receive this money, others will take it anyway, this is all our taxes. But for this amount, I don’t have a need for my personal use, I received it for the poor who don’t have a smartphone or even money to buy meals.  With this sum of money, I bought water, rice, processed food, and medicine to give to the poor who are indeed need of this money more than me, adding the hashtag #ช่วยกันทำให้มันเป็นชาเลนจ์ครับ to get others to follow suit.”

He said that he was surprised at the outpouring of support he has received after posting.